Day 5

Day 5:

Project/Lesson: Students will consider the natural setting of their myth or the habitat of their creature. They will then explore indoor and outdoor spaces to find the ideal or near ideal setting or habitat for their myth or creature. Next, students will decide how their creature or myth uses the space and compose a photograph that expresses this.

In today’s experience students were excited to get started, know this was their last day to work. We showed some images of site specific art and asked for reactions about what they felt was successful and why or why not. Next we took students two at a time to explore and create.

Key Concepts: Exploration, myth, origin, culture, invention, nature, Storytelling, setting, habitat.

Essential Understandings: Explore using prior knowledge of how art and nature relate. Invent using your understanding of how art relates to mythology.


1. Given the creatures they have already completed, the student will be able to brainstorm and list various environments where their creature could be found (Bloom’s: Analyzing- Standard: Numeracy,literacy- GLE: “I can make plans for myself to follow based on what I know about materials and techniques in art)

2. Students will produce a photograph, by combining their found object sculpture and nature to describe where their creature would be found in nature. (Bloom’s: Creating, Evaluating, Applying-Standard: Technology-GLE: “I can use technology to create art.”)

3. By telling where they are placing their found object sculpture, students will explain their decision using their stories about their creature. (Bloom’s: Reflect, Evaluation-Standard: Literacy-GLE: “I can decide how my art is best viewed”)

4. Placing their creatures in an environment, Students will choose how to compose their photograph in a way that draws the viewer into the environment they have chosen. (Bloom’s:Technonolgy-Standard: literacy, GLE: I can help viewers of my art understand what it means by the way I make artistic decisions.”)

5.  Using the camera to produce a photograph, Students will create a record of their display that is creative and makes use of compositional elements to give context. (Create, Blooms synthesis, GLE: I can use multiple types of materials for expressing myself.)


Skills: Observe and connect with indoor and outdoor spaces. Connect art with public spaces.

Art Focus: Photography, Composition, setting, display
Literacy Focus: Connecting stories with spaces.

What Happened Today?

Today was our last session together and as we approached the end of our time together the students took initiative to finish their Found Object sculptures and then place them within the environment of their choice. Ranging from inside to outside, high off the ground or hiding under a tree the students placed their objects in a new environment and allowed the photograph to tell yet another story of the mythical creature they had created.

Sam continued to work with his bugs, and wanted to display them in a gallery setting. His bug-like creatures had personalities all their own and he was eager to tell the stories of what each of the bugs represented. The representations ranged from political to musical, but each represented deep parts of Sam’s own personal interests that were pertinent to him.



After Sam, Louise sought out to find a good environment to photograph her cat sculpture. She ran into a bit of resistance when she realized that her cat was not going to stand easily without a little bit of support. However, like every great artist Louise did not allow this minor flaw to keep her from finding a cozy spot in the sun for her cat to be placed among the twigs. She was eager to inform me that her cat loves to play with twigs of all sorts so this location would be perfect for her representation of her cat.



Gabe also had a little bit of trouble getting his sculpture to remain intact, but as we explored the courtyard he found the perfect tree to perch his bird-like creation. He chose to hide behind the tree with his bird. He was a bit more interested in interacting with his art, than he was in photographing it.


Even the teachers couldn’t help but display their creations, one chose to create a turtle and the other a shopping figure that would save a parking spot when she went to go shopping!




Brittany saw her mythical creature go from 2D to 3D then back to 2D in the form of photography as she spent much time executing the creation of her tiger with angels wings. The feathers provided the perfect material for her to bring her mythological creature into 3-Dimensional form.



Not everyone was able to complete their sculptures and then photograph them in a desired location, both Dani and Caleb were working on finishing details up until the end of the class. However, everyone walked away with a masterpiece of their own design.



In all, the experience of working with the students of Cooper Home was an incredible opportunity. Each of the students explored subject matter that was personal to them and they took the time to create works of art that are interesting to look at, as well as provided a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the mind of incredibly creative individuals.



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