Day 4

Day 4:

Project/Lesson:  Recalling previous exploration of nature or invention of myth students will translate from two-dimensional medium to three-dimensional medium using found object. The found object sculpture can use old or new elements from their creature or myth. Students will be asked to consider the materials they use, thinking about how and why each material is ideal for their creature. Conversely, students may have ideas about why the materials are not ideal.

In today’s learning experience students began by describing a superpower they wish they had. Next we showed students how sculptures could be made using a variety of materials, and when art is made from found objects it is improvised.

Key Concepts: Exploration, myth, origin, culture, invention, nature, Storytelling, decision, improvisation, problem solving.

Essential Understandings: Found objects and materials can be used to improvise. Exploration and experimentation help solve problems.

Objectives: Given images of animals, the student will be able to brainstorm and list various creatures that could be found in their imagination (literacy, numeracy). Using found objects students will be able to create a sculptural a creature. (Create/Analyze). Students will reference previous drawings to evaluate what they liked and want to include again, and what they did not like and don’t want to include in their sculpture. (Reflect/Apply). Students will incorporate nature and their art, to produce a photograph that talks about where their creature would be found in nature. (technology, literacy).

Skills: Improvise with objects and tools at hand. Problem solve to create and express using three-dimensional medium

Art Focus: Expression in a Three-Dimensional medium.
Literacy Focus: Recall stories and ideas. Assess materials and structure.

What Happened Today?

For our fourth session we had were ready to move on to some new ideas. The students were introduced to found object sculpture and encouraged to improvise with the material at hand to create a 3-dimensional creature or tell another story using improvised materials.

Some of the materials we had on hand were strips of wood, film, chicken wire, plastic bottles, feathers, yarn, pipe cleaners, plastic cups, paper plates, duct tape, masking tape, hot glue and stone and ceramic tiles.


Brittany was excited to get started creating her Flying Tiger from last session and was immediately certain of what she needed to create a body and head. She then had to problem solve in creating the legs and tried several ideas before settling on rolled up paper plates.


Louise was concerned that she may not be able to recreate her creature with the materials at hand, but she remembered that her time travel story had been about her cat, so she set about using chicken wire and learned what an armature was in the process of creating one in the shape of her cat.


Gabe was immediately interested in building upwards. Unfortunately he found that his structure was not quite stable. He tried using water to weigh down the base but was unsatisfied with how it made the tape not stick. He decided to create a sword, but when he found some pieces of tile he come up with the idea to put the tile on the tip and create a spaceship.


Samuel had very detailed stories to tell about his Bugs he was creating out of pip cleaners. Some of the bugs felt like they did not belong with the other bugs who wanted them to conform.  So some of these bugs created their own colony to live in and be their own unique selves.


Overall this was an engaging and productive day in the studio discovering and learning about improvised materials and problem solving.

Some students were unable to join us this week, so we are looking forward to seeing Caleb and Dani again at our final session together.

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