Day 3

Day 3:

Project/Lesson: Continuing with creatures they created students will engage and persist in order to complete a drawing, painting, or collage. Students will be encouraged to share stories about their work and talk about their decision and contemplate their successes and areas they would like to improve. Students who had finished their time travel and shipwreck pieces they were able to explore a new material, clay. Students we able to create whatever they liked from clay and talked about the different ways they could make shapes and how that made clay different from drawing and painting.

In today’s experience students began by telling and hearing what the least appetizing food they have ever eaten was. Next we showed students the various stations for working on their paintings, drawings, or clay sculptures and were allowed to choose where to work.

Key Concepts: Exploration, myth, origin, culture, invention, nature, Storytelling, decision, critique, completeness, success, improvement.

Essential Understandings: Persistent engagement results in complete ideas and work. Assessment and critique improve quality and understanding.


1. Given images of animals and plants, the student will be able to brainstorm and list various creatures that could be formed by combining different animal/plant parts (Reflect; Bloom’s Analyse; GLE: I can make new creatures/images by combining parts of other images).

2. Using paint, collage, or clay students will be able to create their creature . (Create; Bloom’s Analyze; GLE I can use my planning/sketching to make art).

3. Students will reference previous drawings to evaluate what they liked and want to include again, and what they did not like and don’t want to include in their sculpture. (Reflect/transfer; Bloom’s Apply; GLE I can see what I like and don’t like in my previous/older artwork to help me make better art).

  1. By exploring indoor and outdoor spaces, students will develop ideas of where their creature might live/exist (Comprehend; Bloom’s Evaluation, GLE I can decide how/where my art is best viewed).


Skills: Engage and Persist to complete a work. Self assess and explain decisions and further actions.

Art Focus: Painting, Drawing, Collage, Clay, Finishing, Critique

Literacy: Speaking, self assessment, critique

What happened today?

Day three was a blast! We decided to dedicate the time we had together towards wrapping up any of the last two projects we had started previously. We felt this was a good idea so the students could have the satisfaction of being able to look at the final product of something they made. We also wanted to have the option for the students to work in clay if they finished early or simply just wanted to work with that for the class. Working in “centers” for each type of project they were doing helped to divide our attention to each of the students and also allowed for some differentiation among the activities.

Gabe was eager to jump right into the clay center as he wanted to try and recreate (but not exactly) the “Snaggon” he had drawn in our previous class. It was interesting to watch him engage in the concept of “praxis,” not knowing exactly how he wanted it to look but playing around until he liked it.





For the head of the creature, he originally gave it a mouthful of teeth but later took out all but one because he said it made him look tougher.

Brittany, Louise, and Dani decided to finish up their mythical creatures from last time, and they turned out wonderful!


Brittany told the story of her Angel Tiger called upon by the village to slay the dragon. Through the use of mixed medium of acrylic paint, marker and colored pencil Brittany created an engaging scene from the narrative of her myth.



Such a narrative: As we began to talk about what she was thinking as she was creating her creature, she seemed to not really have a clear train of thought about what she wanted to create but was simply involved in the act of doing. I encouraged her that making was a great place to start and didn’t ask her to elaborate too much on her intentions. However, when we set aside the time for the students to talk about their creations as a way of ending the class I encouraged Dani to share and what came next sent shivers down my spine. Dani began to talk about the origin of her creature and how it evolved. She said it was a jaguar that had fallen into this contaminated pond and then morphed into a shark-jaguar hybrid.  Then she explained in great detail about the boy figure in her work that was engaging with the creature and began to elaborate on this complex explanation that brought us all into this world that she had created.



Since Sam was not with us last class he chose to make a collage of his own using magazine cut outs and feathers.


Sam Loves the idea of open-mindedness, often stating that he thinks people are to critical of other people. So when we asked about his inclusion of members from the Insane Clown Posse (ICP) he basically said that they do it because they want to and they don’t need other’s judgements.

Who knows what is in store for next class…


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