Day 2

Day 2:

Project/Lesson:  Students will play the role of explorer and discover a creature from nature, or a myth. They will learn about the roles of naturalist and anthropologist through images and stories about biologists studying nature and the study of greek and other mythologies. Using magazines to cut out images of animals, plants or other items the students will piece together their creature or myth. Students will tell the story of their creature or myth visually using collage, drawing and painting, and orally they will tell their peers and teachers about their discovery.

In today’s learning experience students will be reintroduced to teachers and volunteers, to get to know more about each other we will say what we would eat if we could only eat one food for the rest of our lives. We will recall what activity we did previously and start the lesson by telling the story of our shipwreck.

Key Concepts: Exploration, myth, origin, culture, invention, nature, Storytelling

Essential Understandings: Through invention and exploration artists can use mythology and nature to inspire their own artistic creation.


1. Using images from nature, students will combine to create a new creature and explain why it exists. (Standard: Transfer, Bloom’s: Knowledge, Synthesis; GLE: “I can create art to show how I feel and how others understand the world.”)

2. Using examples from Mythology, students will invent a new myth explaining an occurrence that interests them. (Standard: Transfer, Bloom’s: Knowledge, Synthesis; GLE: “I can see and talk about the differences in art from cultures.”)

3. On paper or in sketchbooks, students will collage, paint, and draw to visually communicate the creature or myth. (Standard: Create; Bloom’s: Application, Synthesis; GLE: “I can create art to show how I feel and how others understand the world.”)

4. One on One or with the group, students will ask and answer questions about their creature or myth to reflect. (Standard: Reflect; Bloom’s: Evaluation; GLE: “I can use proper art terms to talk about art.”)

5. Given examples from Nature, History and Teachers, students will observe how invention happens. (Standard: Transfer, Bloom’s Analysis, Comprehension; GLE: “I can explain why artists make art work that is important to them.”)

Skills: Invention and exploration as part of creativity, connecting myth to personal experience, connecting science to personal experience.

Art Focus: Collage, invention, exploration

Literacy Focus: Mythology, storytelling

What happened today?

It was our second time getting together with the students from Cooper Home and this time we decided to get involved in some funky picture and story making. We began by dabbling in the world of mythology to explore how story telling through pictures can be an interesting way to explain something bizarre.



-Gabe focusing intensely on creating his mythical creature. He began with the body of a snake, with legs and other limbs that were created using the same snake-like form.

Some of the students chose to conceive their critters by cutting out parts of other animals in magazines.


-Louise figuring out where to place all her cut-out body parts.

It was another fun day obviously, as we got to observe the different approaches each student took toward the activity as well as to gather a glimpse into the kinds of things going on inside their imaginations. I think a key thing to note was that each student produced (or began to produce since we have yet to finish the activity) a uniquely different work from the other students. I think that was fun to see that bit of individuality in their creations.




Gabe showing his snake creature that explored repetition of the snake form to create a new creature.


Dani looking through magazines composing her jaguar-shark creature. She also explored nature images to compose an environment for her creature.

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